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Our Productions

We produce film and video content, which means that we get involved in all aspects of a production, from concept to screen. We also work with other production companies or filmmakers by helping them in areas that we have lots of experience in, for instance motion graphics and aerial filming.

Click on the button here to see the area I’m working in now. If I am close by, and you need a quick aerial photo or video I might be able to do it there and then.

Irish Aviation Authority Licensed

Our Drones

While we can fly a range of drones, our latest , the DJI Inspire 2 is the one we use mostly. It is one of the most advanced systems to date, with speeds of nearly 100kph. Our system uses the X5S camera, which allows us to change the lens for different jobs, for instance inspections.
Unlike other drones, the footage is recorded by the drone, rather than the camera, which allows us to record 5.2k in ProRes and Raw. A backup is also recorded to a micro-SD card.
An output can also be provided for live broadcast.
Frames per sec
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Samples of our work

Below are some samples of projects we have worked on. Click on the relevant picture to find out more information.
Here are some of the


Drone Videography

Using the latest in drone technology we can film, photograph, map or make a 3D model for you.

Post Production

Using the latest  software we can edit both your video and audio and match it seamlessly so the viewer won’t even notice the edit.

Motion Graphics

From logo animation to score boards, we can create the perfect titles for your project.


If you want to learn filmmaking, give us a call and we can tailor a course to suit you.

Colour Correction

Have you ever seen a video that lacks a bit of ‘punch’? Allow us to match each shot and give it a unique look.

Event Recording

Whether it’s a concert or a conference, we can record it for the web, DVD, broadcast or just for your archive. For multi-camera live-streaming services, see our sister company ‘Studiorove‘.





Respect No Fly Zones

Drones are great fun and while we all like to go out and get great shots, we have to be careful that they don’t pose a risk to others. Rules and regulations have been brought in by the Irish Aviation Authority to ensure that we can use them, whilst at th...

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