Respect No Fly Zones

Drones are great fun and while we all like to go out and get great shots, we have to be careful that they don’t pose a risk to others. Rules and regulations have been brought in by the Irish Aviation Authority to ensure that we can use them, whilst at the same time staying safe.

Sligo is one of the many places that has an airport and there is a ‘no-fly-zone’ around this for 15KM. That basically means that you can’t fly in this zone unless you have a licence AND have received permission from Sligo air traffic control (ATC).  This may seem overkill, but recently there was a fire on the mountain beside Slish wood and the rescue helicopter was helping the fire fighters put it out. The following day there was drone footage of the fire. Consider what might have happened if that drone had collided with the rescue helicopter. ATC had not given permission for that drone to be there.

Below is a poster that explains where and when you can fly. There is also a link here to a map which shows the no-fly-zones. Here you can find the up to date legislation from the IAA.

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